Zayn Malik To Quit One Direction???

Shock reports are emerging that Zayn Malik might be on the verge of quitting One Direction.

Yup, we’re as surprised as you are!

An apparent “insider” has been talking to Celebuzz about Zayn, and they said: €œthere is growing concern among the bosses that Zayn is on the brink at the moment” adding He feels that the last six months have been his toughest yet in the band.

The source, who is meant to be someone with knowledge close to the band carried on to say:

“Even before the cheating scandal, Zayn Malik was steering clear of nights out with his bandmates and sometimes would skip media events. He has been quite low at several points when being away for key family celebrations.”

Speaking about the The Sun’s exclusive reports about Australian waitress Courtney Webb saying Zayn cheated on Perrie with her, the insider added:
“It really sent him into a tail spin. He had a mixture of emotions€” guilt for his cheating, anger for being led astray by the girl, shame for the world finding out, upset at how his bandmates and management would react and doubt about whether he would still have a place in the band.”

It would be unspeakable for us to consider that Zayn might actually be on the verge of walking out, however glum he might appear sometime.

The pressures of being in such a high-profile group might be tough, but “No one in the management wants Zayn to leave or even consider quitting, with days to go before their biggest tour ever. He is a lovely, caring and funny chap€” but there is no doubt fame has changed his outlook.”

Finally, the source said: “There are certain members of his family who have told him if he is unhappy with the money made so far he could walk away.”


We won’t have it, and we don’t believe it.

A lot of the time, “sources” and “insiders” can be absolute anybody, so for now we’re simply placing a big, fat IGNORE on this.