Although Niall Horan has been linked to various ladies, he is yet to have high-profile relationship with anyone.

Niall has been linked to hotties such as Amelia Lily, Demi Lovato and student Amy Green.

All of his bandmates have been the centre of attention with their love life at one point, and Nialler seems to have just faded into the background.

But, maybe no more. Niall seems to have his sights set on Hollyoaks actress Rachel Shenton.

Rachel plays ‘Mitzee’ on the soap, and often receives comments about her likeness to red hot Cheryl Cole.

No wonder Nialler has a thing for her.

Rachel appeared on This Morning, which is when Niall spotted her.

During the interview, Nialler contacted the programme: ‘That girl on @itvthismorning is beautiful.’

This Morning host Eamonn Holmes noticed the Tweet and mentioned later on in the show: ‘Niall from One Direction has been in touch, commenting on our last guest saying how striking she was…’

Co-host Ruth Langsford then added: ‘…And she’s single Niall, I’ve checked for you! That’s all I’m saying!’

Rachel then took a photo of herseld holding a sign saying hello to the Irish heartthrob.

Niall replied with his own photo, holding a ‘hello Rachel’ sign.