Looks like Swifty is feeling bitter about her breakup with 1D hearththrob Harry Styles, as she seems to mock her ex-lover during her performance at the Grammy Awards.

Directioners went into uproar and caused chaos on Twitter during Tay Tay’s performance as she took a sly dig at Harry.

Taylor sang her hit ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back together’ at the show, and changed the lyrics to adapt it to the show as well as her former beau.

So, this is kinda how it went:

“So he calls me up and he’s like [*cue British accent*] ‘I still love you’ “.

Taylors’ poor attempt at a British accent immediately sent shockwaves through social media sites as it was seen as a dig at Harry.
We’re not entirely convinced that he would actually be calling her up telling her that he still loves her though, it’s like so obvious that he’s so over her.

OUTRAGED Directioners took to Twitter writing all sorts of stuff like:

“Taylor Swift embarrassed herself more than she embarrassed Harry tonight in my opinion. It just shows her level of maturity is really low.”

“Umm excuse my language but f*ck you Taylor Swift you wouldn’t think we would catch that?! You dumb f*ck Sorry I jst had to say that goodnite”

“We are no longer a One Direction fandom we are a hate club for Taylor Swift”

Ooo, now that IS a fandom you just don’t wanna mess with Swifty!

So, whatever her aim was it didn’t win any brownie points with the Directioners of the world, and it also didn’t showcase her british accent-mocking skills very well either.

Hmm, we’re not sure that you did yourself any favours there Taylor.

Watch the vid for yourself and comment what you think 🙂