One Direction are going to have a lot on their plate this year, mainly because in a matter of days their massive arena tour kicks off in the UK.

Apart from having help from the label, management and support from family, the boys can add five more people to their entourage…personal assistants of course!

We shouldn’t forget publicists, stylists, security, financial advisors and asset managers as well.

That’s going to be one packed out tour bus/plane/automobile.

Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn were allowed to personally interview and hire their own individual assistant. Unsurprisingly, they have all gone for young and super attractive girls. The boys will never change.

A source said:

“The guys have incredibly manic professional and personal lives, and they started getting stressed out about their ever-increasing workload.”

“Obviously the record label don’t want them burning out, so they came up with the idea of letting them appoint personal assistants.”

The record label doesn’t want them burning out? Sheesh, us Directioners don’t want them burning out!

“The idea is for the PAs to run their diaries on a day-to-day basis, and make sure they turn up to dentist appointments and photoshoots.”

“With the world tour coming up, it is essential they are on top of everything and put under as little stress as possible.”

They are nominated at the Brits tomorrow night and is expected they will be joined by their new assisting team. We’re hoping our boys can pull of a shock win at the Brit Awards against hot favourites Mumford & Sons.