Poor Harry suffered a proper whack to his manhood last night in Glasgow after being hit by a flying shoe thrown from the crowd.

The boys were in the middle of the arena speaking to the crowd when a first shoe came flying onto the stage.

Harry bends down to pick it up, saying “It’s a shoe” before ANOTHER shoe hits him smack bang in his testicles!

Hazza falls to the floor as his concerned bandmates make sure he’s ok.

Harry takes the blow well, but you can tell by the faces on security they look less than pleased!

Liam says: “Well he has just been assaulted”, and after recovering from his sore balls, Harry gets up again and carries on with the concert.

Naughty Scottish Directioners.

Apparently the girl who threw the shoe was initially told to leave the arena before Harry intervened and said she could stay. Nice one Harold.