They’ve just finished the first 4 days of this year’s mega ‘Take Me Home’ tour, wowing the crowds at London and Glasgow.

Tonight, they’re in Cardiff for a triple header of dates – but management have told them to BEHAVE when it comes to the laydees.

Speaking with Star Magazine, an insider said:
“The lads have been told in no uncertain terms that they need to guard against being prey for groupies.”

Those of you not familiar with the term – think ‘Directioners who want to get it OONNNNN with the boys’

“Of course One Direction attract massive attention and have a lot of opportunity to hook up with girls, but their management really want them to be on their best behaviour.”

Zayn, Liam and Louis have girlfriends so the warnings probably aren’t aimed at them (HARRY! NIALL!), but all five members of the band were apparently given the message.

The source added:

“They’ve jokingly been told to keep it in their pants – but there is a serious message there, too. The last thing anyone wants is for 1D to be accused of taking advantage of fans, or being labelled as sleaze-bags.”

Keep what in their pants? Loose change? Mobile phone? Chewing gum? Any other suggestions?

Only last month, Zayn was the victim of a ‘kiss-and-tell’ story fro Courtney Webb which made news headlines worldwise, and it seems bosses are eager to avoid another repeat of that.

With security and chaperones everywhere they go, they’re always going to be safe, so management are just putting a fatherly arm around their little lads. Sweet.