You’d have thought a 7 month world tour would be enough to keep anyone busy for a while.

But not One Direction.

Whilst in Ireland, the boys met up with Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones from pop veterans McFly to write and record a track or two for the new album.

Niall tweeted: “Me , @dannymcfly and @tommcfly have made a revelation today!”

Danny added: “Great working with @zaynmalik and @real_liam_payne and @harry_styles sickkkk Vox sickkkkk song”.

We can’t wait to hear it. If it’s anything like ‘I Would’ one of the tracks McFly wrote for 1D on their last album then we’re sure to love it.

Danny also posted this little picture of a ‘mystery’ member of 1D recording!


If you can’t work out who it is (although it’s really easy) It’s Nialler!!

It doesn’t seem two minutes since the boys released ‘Take Me Home’ but we’re already so excited to hear the new album!

What type of songs would you like to hear on it?