Louis Dyes His Hair Red For Comic Relief

We told you a few weeks ago that Louis was planning to dye his hair red for Comic Relief.

And seeing as that day is today, he has only gone and done it.

Pictures are floating all over twitter and it seems like his new hair is proving a massive hit with the fans.

@dj_malik:17 posted: “ok i need to calm down cuz im freaking out over Louis’s red hair! it’s so super sexy i don’t want him to remove it at all like neverrrr”.

While @nouishmu tweeted: “”Louis isn’t hot anymore with red hair.” Actually he is EXTREMELY hot with red hair idek #sorrynotsorry”

For a proper look at Louis’s red mop make sure you tune into Comic Relief on BBC1 tonight from 7pm tonight!

What do you think of Louis’s hair? Hot or not?

What do you think of Louis’s red hair?