Morgan Spurlock has been following the boys around for the last 6-12 months, filming stuff that they get up to for the 1D3D movie launching this August.

At the end of last year and the start of this one, Haylor were very much an item, and as such currently feature in the movie together.

However it seems that Harry now wants all footage of Miss Swift removed from the film!

Hazza feels annoyed by Taylor blaming their split on him, and a source told Life & Style magazine:

“During their relationship producers shot Harry and Taylor in Los Angeles and New York City but Harry has ordered that none of it makes the cut. He wants nothing more to do with Taylor, she was a fling and they’re done.”

Haylor were the biggest couple in the world on New Year’s Eve, being pictured kissing at midnight in Times Square.

But it all went sour soon after, and the pair don’t seem to be too keen on each other anymore.

Morgan Spurlock, famous for his ‘Supersize Me’ McDonalds documentary, is near to finishing the 1D3D movie, having been given unprecedented access to the boys, and even filmed them using the toilets backstage at the Brit Awards last month.