One Direction have been pranked at one of their gigs in New York by UK TV presenters.

TV jokers Ant and Dec played a trick on the 1D lads, making them think a fan was having an asthma attack.

They used professional make-up to disguise themselves to look like ‘Jack’, a fan from New Zealand and ‘Ben’ a TV Host.

After tricking the boys into thinking ‘Jack’ was having a serious asthma attack, they were so worried they called emergency services!

AND to make matters more humiliating, they filmed the whole thing!


The prank will be aired on ‘Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’ this weekend, so we can all have a good chuckle!

Ant revealed: “The ruse was that 1D’s biggest fans had flown in to meet them.

“Dec dressed up as one called Jack from New Zealand and I was Ben, a TV host from there.

“I introduced him to the group – and the meeting didn’t go as planned. But they fell for it.”

Dec said: “I faked an asthma attack. They panicked and I hyperventilated.

“They called medical emergencies. It was such fun and they fell for it.

“We did it in Madison Square Garden before Christmas.”

He added: “On the 1D tour they met two fans from every nation.

“We heard the only two who didn’t go were from New Zealand and thought, ‘This is our way in’. We were all over them.”

HAHA! We can’t wait to see 1D get fooled!