Birmingham radio station Free Radio caused a bit of a commotion this week when they unexpectedly caused Directioners to visit Liam Payne’s family house in the search of free concert tickets.

The radio station was giving away tickets to watch 1D at the LG Arena, with some of their cryptic clues leading fans to think they were buried in Liam’s garden.

Speaking with The Sun, Liam’s dad Geoff said:

“I’m much better now that the competition is over. I’ve had people loitering around the house for days on end now. I’m glad someone won it. There have been people hiding round corners looking for them.”

Some of the clues given out by the radio station include “they are close to somewhere beautiful” and “could have been an ancient burial site”.

The radio station later apologised for the garden invasion, and a local source said that “The fans were in Liam’s family’s front garden for quite a while.”

The source added:

“His dad rang the show to say he was relieved the competition was over as fans were mooching around the lawn. Geoff saw the funny side of it, thankfully.”