Liam Payne was left a little embarrassed after a taxi driver snubbed One Direction’s music in front of his friends.

Liam was on his way to a football match with pal Andy, when 1D’s Comic Relief single ‘One Way Or Another’ came on the radio.

It was about 30 seconds before the earache got a little too much for the driver and he switched radio stations.

We can imagine that Liam would have been rather offended by this, but his friend was loving every minute of it.

His pal Andy took to Twitter to say: “In a taxi with @Real_Liam_Payne then one way or another came on, after about 30 seconds the taxi man changed station. Laughing to bad lol”

He later added:“Never laughed so much in my entire life, my chest hurts and I thought I was having a heart attack.. It was mad!”

Always good to know your mates are there to support you

But yikes. That was just a bit rude, wasn’t is Mr Taxi man?

I highly doubt that Liam will be in a hurry to take public transport again.