One Direction Tattoo Update: Zayn Gets Yet Another One

It’s time for our, what seems, daily update of One Directions latest tattoos.

Yesterday we told you about Louis’s new tattoo’s on his shins and across his chest. It seems Zayn got a bit jealous and went and got another one himself.

This time it’s a scull with horns, with a top hat smoking a cigarette. Nope we don’t understand why either!

The guy that got to see Zayn topless while he tattoo’d him (totally not jealous at all!) said: “Just tattooed a snazzy little skull on my homeboy @zaynmalik thanks dude! See you soon! #onedirection #zaynmalik”.

He had the tattoo done in Brighton at Bob Done’s Magnum Opus tattoo studio. We’re not too sure his mum will be too happy.

In January Zayn said that their mums weren’t overly impressed with the number of tattoo’s the boys had been getting over the past few years.

We can’t see them stopping any time soon, so we just hope the boys bought them a massive Mother’s Day present.

What do you think of the tattoos?