Just last week the official title for the new One Direction movie was revealed on Twitter to be ‘This Is Us’.

And yeh, we thought it was ‘This Is 1D’ for a while – ok ok

The official One Direction Facebook page and website has now revealed there’s going to be a brand new 1D book released later this year, called ‘One Direction, Where We Are: Our Band Our Story’.

However, there’s a lot more to it than just news of a new 1D book, so read on…

YOU lot can get the chance to actually appear in the book!

All you have to do is email a drawing/sketch/painting/photoshop montage of a 1D inspired national flag to 1DWWAcomp@harpercollins.co.uk. The most creative submissions will be chosen to feature in the book, and you can design any 1D flag variation you want.

Best get thinking of some groovy 1D flag ideas then?

The rules state that you can’t include your name, Twitter or anything else that might identify you. So don’t

Full rules for the competition can be found here over at Sony Music.