In the early hours of this morning Liam Payne sent the following tweet to all his followers on Twitter:

Fucking paps get a proper job u dick

— Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne) April 3, 2013

“F*cking paps get a proper job u dick”

So far his tweet has had 86,859 retweets and 89,334 favorites, but by the time you read this it will be much much more.

Obviously something has made our Liam very angry! But what was it?

Well very recently Justin Bieber had an altercation with a pap back in March, where the Bieber actually lashes out in London.

Last night Liam and Danielle visited the Whisky Mist night club in London, and were pictured leaving later on, as seen in our photo above.

We can’t confirm whether this was the moment when a paparazzi p*ssed Liam off, but it’s more than likely.

1D have had a fairly friendly relationship with paps so far – with the lads regularly playing their “pap of the week” game where they turn the tables on by taking photos themselves.

Liam is very protective of Danielle – as anyone would be of their partner, and he felt obvious shock and anger at this situation.

We’ll bring you more details as and when we have it. If you know anything else about this story then please leave your comments below.