As of last night and this morning, there’s a bunch of rumours going round about what 1D’s next single might be.

According to many, ‘Rock Me’ is being lined up for an early June release.

As well as this, auditions are apparently being held for fans to star in the video, dancing and gyrating to our boys – who will be posing as rockstars.

So just like any normal 1D concert then?

If you’ve been to any of the gigs so far, Liam has been saying how the song has become a fan favourite, so it’s highly likely that it could and possibly will become the next single.

So waddya reckon – will Rock Me be the next 1D single? And if so will it be the last from ‘Take Me Home’? The new album is currently scheduled for a November – straight after we’ve all watched the 1D movie ‘This Is Us’ about a dozen times.