Hazza Styles sure likes to party.

And he partied HARD at Newcastle nightspot Perdu, with hundreds of people saying he had to be carried out of the club for being so drunk!

Our Harold and the 5 Seconds of Summer lads decided to turn up at Perdu, and knocked back a hefty amount of booze.

The pics are the proof of the pudding though, so as usual we’ve managed to gather them altogether for you here.

Doesn’t he look fetching in his mesh sweater and black vest. Harry is THE MAN.

Just check out all these comments on Twitter about Harry:

i didnt know i needed to see drunk harry styles in a mesh sweater being carried out of a club until right now pic.twitter.com/qHrb8baXgN

@jonnyharvey93 @harry_styles btw isn’t he already on his way? Being “dragged out of clubs drunk” god take care of ur friend Jonny

butthurtbandboys: i didn’t know i needed to see drunk harry styles in a mesh sweater being carried out of a… http://tmblr.co/Zx_hasia5eTV

@Harry_Styles don’t get too drunk tonight after your show please ! Goodnight and love ya

I bet Harry Styles is hilarious to be around when he is drunk. Who wouldn’t love to party with him?

Apparently #harrystyles was sooo drunk and he was asking the club for condoms to f*ck #chelsfargo

ugh people you’re soo stupid!Just cause @Harry_Styles wad drunk doesn’t make him a criminal! i don’t think you would talk if it was your bro

@Harry_Styles why would you get that drunk sweetie, take more care of yourself, i love you

Hahahaha, funny, drunk Harry Styles. I love him.


What do you all make of Harry getting so drunk?