One Direction On JLS Splitting Up
One Direction are amongst many celebrities expressing their sadness of JLS splitting up, as Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter.

JLS came on the scene 6 years ago, and have finally decided to bring their career as a group to an end.

Despite JLS being rivals for One Direction, the lads have still shown their support for what must have been a tough decision for the JLS lads.

Louis Tomlinson has tweeted his support for the boys: “Sad to hear about JLS . Wish them all the best of luck in what they go on to do.”

Fellow band member Niall Horan also took to Twitter, showing his love for the lads by tweeting: “Love always lads” and posting the picture of the two bands.

One Direction and JLS have a close bond with the lads, both knowing how it feels to be on the X Factor and to be launched into the pressure of such massive fame.

And some say that there would be no One Direction if it wasn’t for JLS.

As, after all JLS member Oritse was the person who encouraged Liam to audition for the X Factor again.

Good call, Oritse!

Let’s face it, JLS were good at what they did but they have had their time now, they were no One Direction.

But, we’re wishing them the best of luck with whatever they’re planning on doing!

And we’re also hoping that 1D survive for longer than six years…