The wax figures of One Direction were only unveiled a few weeks ago, but already things have been changed

We thought the styling of the boys was top notch. Like seriously good.

Louis looked particularly dashing in his signature two tone shirt and suspender combo. He finished the look off with bright red jeans, also a staple of Louis’s wardrobe since the beginning of 1D.

Some reports are suggesting that the clothes were removed because of dirt caused by all you Directioners getting up close and personal.

Hmm, seems unlikely.

But what they have put him in is just horrendous. Plain and boring. It doesn’t do Louis any justice at all.

A source said:

“They’ve changed Louis’ outfit on his wax figure. It’s now black jeans and a plain navy blue shirt with no suspenders.”

Lame! Bring back the old outfit it was much, much better.