Not satisfied with ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Take Me Home’?

Worry not dear Directioners as One Direction’s third album will be released at the end of this year, just in time for Christmas.

The movie ‘This Is Us’ gets its official release on August 30th, and many are expecting the third album to have the same name.

It’s already been confirmed that the boys are tied into a five year deal with their record label, with each of them receiving a massive bonus if they stay together till the end of their contract.

So with the next album due this November, this means there are another two guaranteed albums to come in 2014 and 2015.

After this, who knows, but we hope to god they stay together for much longer than that.

We’re talking U2 longevity. No, better than that, what about the Rolling Stones, who for those of you not in the know have been together for approximately 51 years.


To tie in with the third album, the lads are rumoured to be in talks with UK TV station ITV over a special “An Audience with One Direction” TV show, possibly to be screened after the X Factor final this December.

A source talking to the Daily Star said:

“The plan is to do a big ITV special to promote the album in December. The boys would perform, do sketches and answer questions from famous pals in the audience.”

The source added:

“One suggestion being touted is for it to air on prime-time Saturday night directly after the X Factor final, which they could very well perform on.”

Now wouldn’t that be MASSIVE.