Over the weekend Louis tweeted twice about how he wasn’t feeling very well. He said:

“Loving the European tour not feeling very well today though”

followed by:

“Still feel shit so annoying !”

It now seems that Louis might caught a chest/lung infection whilst jetting from country to country on the ‘Take Me Home’ tour. The boys spent the weekend performing two dates in Germany, Berlin on Saturday followed by Hamburg on Sunday.

Nothing has been confirmed by Louis or Modest Management yet, but Twitter rumours are gathering pace that he may have contracted a chest infection in the last week, however it’s probably just as likely to be a common cold or sore throat. Nothing a bit of medicine won’t cure?

We sincerely hope that these rumours are false (and they’ll probably be proved to be so), but we like to bring you as much gossip as possible.

Whatever is wrong with Louis, we’ve got our fingers crossed he gets better in the next few days. 1D get a few days break now before they resume touring duties this Thursday with a date in Zurich, followed by a return to Germany in Munich on Friday.