It’s the question everyone wants to know.

Who stinks the most out of One Direction?

Don’t try and deny it, it’s the first thing on your mind, right?

Well wonder no longer.

In an interview originally posted a while back, Liam discussed the bottom-burping antics of Bradford-bad-boi Zayn Malik, saying:

When he farts, you’ll never hear it, you’ll never hear him fart ever. It never happens, you’€™ll never, ever hear him but you’€™ll know it’s Zayn.

Laughing, he added:

There’€™s a very distinctive Zayn smell. If we’€™re in the car and we’€™re all going along €¦that’s how you know we are on a certain level, because you know who€™ farted. You just know, you have a fart sensor.

Zayn himself replied quite confidently, saying:

Yeah, we can tell who farted, you don’€™t have to ask.

Be proud of your trumps

But is the stinkiest One Direction dude? Well, according to Liam it’s none other than the Irish hunk Niall Horan, and Liam said:
Niall is 100% the baddest one!

So we know about Zayn and Niall, but what about Harry, Louis and Liam himself? Surely Harry must be able to rattle out a few monsters?