Songwriter Wayne Hector has dished the dirt on what we can expect One Direction’s brand new album to be like!

At the weekend, we reported how the boys are hard at work on the new album, and that they’re mega excited to be working on it!

Now, their songwriter has confessed to Digital Spy that we can expect to hear some “cool vibes” on the album.

It also seems that the boys are growing up a bit, as Hector revealed: “They’ve definitely gone for a more mature sound,”

Well, not too much we hope… we like 1D’s music the way it is!

Thankfully, he added: “It’s still fun, but there are some really cool vibes coming from it.”

Cool vibes? Oooooosh!

He also admitted that their third album will be hearing a “shift” in sound: “With this album, there’s definitely a shift. I think it’ll be really good. Hopefully there will be some good surprises on it. It’s coming out at Christmas so we’re almost finished on it.”

Almost finished? Arghhhh!

This isn’t all we know about their new album either, 1D also revealed previously that we can be excepting a more “rockier” and “edgier” sound.

But, one thing we don’t know is, what will it be called?

Will they call it ‘Where We Are’ after their mammoth stadium tour?


The album is due for release at the end of the year, and we cannot wait!