One Direction are set to up their security before they head off on the American leg of their ‘Take Me Home’ tour.

Nope, not because the boys fear for their own safety because of crazy Directioners, but because they fear for the safety of their CLOTHES!

Yep, some cunning Directioners have really done their research and managed to steal some of the boys clothes, even dirty ones!

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: Somehow fans have got to the dry cleaning and taken the boys clothes€ even before they are dry cleaned, others get into dressing rooms or on tour buses.

Now they are giving the job to another crew member in their wardrobe team. She has the task of getting all their clothes clean and back to them without anything going missing.

That is rather impressive, managing to find the dry cleaners, some proper thinking has gone into that – not that we condone the stealing of One Direction’s clothing or anything!

But we would like one of Niall’s sweaty t-shirts please!!

The boys head out on the next leg of the tour on June 13th after having a week or two off to spend time with family, go shopping and be a best man at a wedding.

Would you want a pair of the boys’ worn underwear or is that just gross?