We’ve had a few days without it, but now The Wanted v One Direction feud is back.

Last week The Wanted challenged 1D to a fight for charity. Our boys politely declined, but Liam then suggested a sing-off battle.

Whilst at the Capital FM Summertime Ball yesterday, The Wanted were asked about the feud, and the suggestion of a sing off battle.

Max responded: “We’ve got Nathan back now so they’ve got no chance. Without him we were terrible, but now he’s back…”.

Nathan has of course been out of of the band for two months after an operation, and while we’re happy to see him back – we don’t like to see anyone ill, even our arch enemies – but we still don’t think they could beat us.

Max then continued when asked if they could beat 1D, he said: “Absolutely, yeah. Physically maybe not, but vocally? No worries.”

Have they even heard Harry sing? Like seriously come on Max, there’s no comparison!

Whilst The Wanted are off playing silly gigs like the Capital Fm Summertime Ball, our boys are of course playing in their Take Me Home world tour which has now headed to Mexico, so we think that proves who’d win in that fight.

What do you think?

We’re quite frankly bored of this whole feud and wish they’d just kiss and make up!