When you think of member of One Direction getting angry, you don’t normally expect Niall to be the one all wound up.

But this afternoon he went on a rant on Twitter about rumours of the boys being drunk on stage.

Now the majority of Directioners would know thats highly unprofessional, and totally something the boys wouldn’t do.

It seems some, however believe the boys would take to the stage after having a drink.

And Niall has found out about this and took to Twitter this afternoon to vent his frustration.

He said: “I’m clearing this one up now! This bull about us being drunk onstage! No way is that true !ever ever! Who is making this sh*t up ?”

“We give our best on stage every night! And for 1 person to start a rumour! Just messes it all up” he continued.

Wow it definately wound him up! We don’t see Niall go off on one like that all too often, if at all!

Anyway after a bit of explanation and calming down from Directioners, Niall took to twitter again to explain.

He said: “Ah now I get why people are saying it ! Hahah! Me and @Louis_Tomlinson do that every night! Pretend there is something in the water bottles”

Maybe he’s just grumpy from the constant touring and just needs a nap!