Earlier in the week Niall went on a twitter rant after people accused him and the boys of drinking on stage.

Now it’s Liam’s turn to join the twitter rant team.

The usual quiet Liam took to twitter this afternoon to have a go at people who have been ringing his and the rest of the boy’s hotel rooms this morning.

They have a rare day off so it wasn’t taken well by the boys – and we wouldn’t like to be woken up on our day off either to be honest.

Liam said: “Whoever is ringing our rooms please stop it’s not funny ur just pissing everyone off, Next time it’s ur day off school nd u fancy a ly in il call u n see how u like it?”

And then Liam posted a single “:(” after receiving a lot of hate from Directioners.

One Directioner even tweeted: ‘Liam bothers me so much. You guys need to stop kissing his ass. He’s being a brat’

To which an angry Liam replied: “Why? I’m sorry for being mad but I do t get to sleep all that often cuz we travel every day the one day I don’t have to travel …And sleep at the same time and someone woke me up let’s be real here I think you would be a little pissed off yourself right?

Which we think is a fair point? Right?

The angered fan then tweeted: “I love Liam. Otherwise I wouldn’t spend my life trying to meet him and listening to his music and buying his tickets.”

And Liam again replied: “why call me that then I didn’t do nothing to you? I’m just being honest would u rather me lie?”

It seems Liam’s little rant at the Directioner sent other directioners sending her a lot of abuse.

So Liam tweeted again: “Hi everyone can u stop having a go at that girl cuz it’s not nice despite what she said”

But is seems not everyone is on Liam’s side as he said: “Lol thanks to everyone who now hates me sorry for being honest”

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

What do you think? Is Liam over-reacting? Are fans being too harsh? Does everyone just need to go for a nap and calm down?