So you thought One Direction couldn’t dance?

Well you just HAVE to watch this video!

Firstly, Daddy Directioner treats us to a bit of totally brilliam shuffling, followed by some half splits.

Then Harry, feeling like he’s missing out, joins in with a quick spin.

Then if you fast forward to about 3:49 you get to see Liam doing the worm, and Harry shaking his shoulders.

And it’s all in cool HQ video too, watch it now below:

The vid is from One Direction’s concert in Raleigh on Saturday 22nd June, and as well as the kickass dancing also features all of the Twitter questions too.

The actual questions were:

“Do your best Michael Jackson moves”
“Sing your best opera voice”
“Can you do the worm”

After seeing Liam strut his stuff above, today’s question for everybody is, “Just how much do you love Liam Payne”?

Answer below…