Last night, some idiot hacked our Niall’s twitter account!

And not surprisingly it didn’t go down too well with Niall, or anyone for that matter.

The mysterious hacker was unfollowing fans and direct messaging others strange things. So it was down to directioner power to bring it to the attention of our favorite Irish boy.

Fans started tweeting and trending: “#NIALLCHANGEYOURPASSWORD” while according to Digital Spy, other fans tried to get the attention of the management saying: “After a long time of researching, and gathering proof we came up with the conclusion that Niall’s account is being hacked.

“If you are part of One Direction’s management team or have close connections, please assist us in showing this to Niall… It is not fair that he has to go through all of this without realising what is going on.”

The information was eventually relayed to Niall and he tweeted: “Ok my twitter is being hacked as we speak! Unfollowing people! DMin people all kinda stuff! Will get control again.”

After a short while, karma was restored and Niall had full access to his account saying: “Ok I’m back! I hate hackers! Pain in the ass!”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves Niall!