One Direction are apparently in line to be sued by old-school rockers The Who over their latest single ‘Best Song Ever’.

Our boys have been accused of copying the guitar riff used in The Who’s ‘Baba O’ Riley’ which was released back in 1971 before any of the boys were even born.

We find it hard to believe that One Direction will have even heard the song, let alone want to copy it.

Popular One Direction Twitter account @1DUpdatesAU said: “The boys are being sued by The Who for stealing the guitar riff in BSE”

In the space of just two weeks, the video for ‘Best Song Ever’ has been viewed an impressive 54 million times on Youtube. We’re pretty sure that most of those hits will be have been us watching the video over and over again. I’m sure most of you would say the same about yourself right?

Meanwhile, the video with the highest amount of views on Youtube for The Who’s ‘Baba O’Riley’ has just 10 million hits and that was uploaded seven years ago! I think it’s fair to say that One Direction win the competition when it comes to Youtube hits.

Perhaps it’s all just comes down to jealousy, The Who aren’t successful as they once were and who wouldn’t want to cash in on some of One Direction’s fame and fortune? They are the biggest band in the world right now after all!

It’s not the first time the boys have been accused of ‘ripping off’ another band’s song either. Remember two years ago when everyone was saying that ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ sounded exactly like ‘Summer Nights’ from the musical Grease?

Last year, ‘Live While We’re Young’ came under criticism for sounding similar to ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ by The Clash too. There’s something about rock bands wanting to sue One Direction and we’re not sure why that is, we’re sure they’d love the boys’ song ‘Rock Me’.

Who could forget last year when the American ‘One Direction’ tried to get our boys to change the band name too? We know the boys were originally called New Direction but it just wouldn’t feel right if they were called anything other than One Direction now.

Anyway, you can watch a video comparing ‘Best Song Ever’ and ‘Baba O’ Riley’ below. Let us know what you think.

Do they sound the same and should One Direction be sued?