Our favourite boys bagged themselves FOUR awards at the Teen Choice Awards last night!


Bravo, boys!

The boys walked away with awards for ‘Choice Summer Tour’, ‘Choice Group’, ‘Choice Single’ – for Live While We’re Young and ‘Choice Love Song’ for their hit Little Things.

We cannot even begin to describe how proud we are of our boys!

And that’s not the only exciting news… Harry Styles actually won two of his own awards!

Yep, the lovely Hazza scooped himself two awards for simply just being so GOD DAMN HOT.

He managed to be crowned ‘Choice Hottie’ and ‘Choice Smile’. None of which were of any surprise to us.


So, there you go guys… that’s what you get for being the most perfect guy to ever walk the earth.

It was a mega exciting viewing for all of us at home too, as the boys opened the show with a smashing performance of ‘Best Song Ever’.

So, with 4 awards, 2 for Harry and an AMAZAYN performance of THE BEST SONG EVER…how could things possibly get any better?

Oh wait………………..it very much did!

And that was all thanks to the beauty that is Mr Harry Styles.

Harry only went and got his twerk on LIVE ON TELEVISION!

Ladies (and gentleman) please brace yourselves….

HOLY CRAP! What have we just watched? We are lost for words. Completely lost.

So yeah, it was a very good night for Harry, and a very very very good night for all of us watching.

You may have noticed in the video that Hazza was actually sat next to Ed Sheeran at the event…. interesting. Very interesting indeed.

It seems the boys chose not to sit with each other, as Zayn and Perrie sat behind Harry and Ed.

Which is quite disappointing actually, as we would have hoped that Zayn would have joined Hazza in the whole twerking thing – shame.

Or maybe even Ed could have had a go? But no, they just left him to it. Poor lonely Harry… and the millions of viewers that were clapping him along.

So yeah, that was pretty much that.

Perhaps the most eventful Teen Choice Awards to date. And we enjoyed it. A lot.

What do you think of the boys wins?

And Harry’s twerking…

Here is also a video of one direction when they performed best song ever. enjoy! 🙂