Word of warning Directioners. This story might cause you to cry, curl up in a ball and rock, and possibly scream out loud at the top of your voice.


Liam Payne is rumoured to be DATING Sophia Smith after recent pictures showed the girl at a 1D concert, sitting under a tree with Liam, and sharing a car journey together.



Wait, there’s more…

The pair also enjoyed a night out at Liam’s favourite hot spot Funky Buddha, and were spotted shopping in London together.

That’s a pretty substantial amount of time together!



So who is she?

Well she went to the same school that Liam did, St Peter’s Collegiate School, and a friend of Liam spoke to the Daily Mirror, saying:

“Liam has really fallen for her. It’s getting very serious, very fast.”

Only last week Sophia flew out to Los Angeles with Liam’s parents and sisters to watch the band perform at LA’s Staples Centre.

She was snapped with the other 1D girlfriends Perrie from Little Mix, and Eleanor Calder.

Seems she’s already getting used to life as a 1D girlfriend!


Another source apparently close to the band said “She’s a sweet normal girl who likes Liam for who he is, not because he’s in the most famous boyband in the world.”

As expected, Sophia’s already been on the receiving end of Twitter hate, something we come to expect from new girlfriends.

Directioners, what do you think about all this?