If you had to kiss any member of 1D, who would it be?


I mean, we’d just go for any of them if we had the chance… but you might want to think, who’s the best kisser in the group?

But, you probably wouldn’t care too much if Zayn Malik had his tongue down your throat and he was a terrible kisser… because it’s Zayn Malik!

But, the boys have discussed which one of them has the best lip skills, and we’ve come to a conclusion… we reckon Niall is the best kisser.

Why do we think that? Well, partly because Louis said it, but also because he just looks so god damn kissable.

When the 1D boys were asked about their kissing techniques, Louis Tomlinson blurted out: “Niall’s the best kisser in the band!”

Which leaves us with this question… HOW WOULD LOUIS KNOW?!

Have the boys all secretly been having rounds of tonsil tennis without us?! How dare they!

And here’s another question we would love to know… WHAT DO THEY TASTE LIKE?

Well, Harry Styles tastes MINTY FRESH. He said: “I’ve just had some gum, so possibly spearmint.”

And Niall Horan just really doesn’t know, saying: “Dunno. I’ve never kissed myself.”

It’d be a bit weird if he had, but we reckon he might taste like chicken. Peri-Peri.

Who do you reckon is the best kisser in 1D?