Liam Payne once said that if he wasn’t in 1D, he’d want to be a fireman.

Well his dream has now come true… in the worst possible way.

Yesterday, at approximately 9.45PM UK time, Liam’s best friend Andy Samuels was said to have tried refuelling an outdoor heater on Liam’s balcony.

However, due to a fault with the heater, it set on fire, and also engulfed Andy and the whole balcony with flames.

All of this took place at Liam’s Docklands apartment, and he was said to be in the kitchen at the time.

Hearing the noise on his balcony, he reportedly rushed out and helped to put the flames out. The fire brigade was called out with an ambulance, and Liam is said to have gone with Andy to the hospital.

Andy is still in hospital where he’s currently suffering from 20 degree burns to his upper body.

The balcony has been destroyed, but luckily Liam is unharmed.

#PrayForAndy is currently trending worldwide, and Directioners have taken to Twitter to send their best wishes.

One wrote: “#prayforandy just watched liam saying how he wanted to be a fireman to save lifes and then read this its so crazy.. @Real_Liam_Payne”

Australian radio presenter Smallzy, who’s previously interviewed 1D, tweeted: “Thoughts are with @Real_Liam_Payne and @AndySamuels31 and anyone else involved in the fire.”

A 1D update account posted this picture of fire engines outside Liam’s apartment:

Fire trucks and an ambulance outside of Liam’s apartment last night! #prayforandy -A

— 1D Updates (@WW1DAlerts) September 4, 2013

As soon as we get any more news about Andy, we’ll post it here.