You have probably seen THE film of the year and could hardly contain your excitement.

Well directioners, please sit down while you read this latest bit of news.

One Direction are releasing an extended version of the film called One Direction: This Is Us – Extended Fan Cut.

OH EM GEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you’re thinking, oh extended cut, it’s going to be about an extra two or three minutes which is fab, but not really worthy of a story.


There will be a bit more than two or three minutes, in fact there will be 20, yes 20 extra minutes of footage as well as FOUR extra performances from their show at the 02 arena in London!

Sony boss Jeff Blake said: “We’re overwhelmed by the response to the film, so we’re thrilled to be able to release this extended cut of the film for One Direction fans.

“Followers can reach out on Twitter @1DThisIsUs with the songs they’d like to hear in the film – and go to the theater on Friday (US only) to see and hear which songs make the cut.”

Are you excited to see the extended edition of the film?