Harry set the rumour mill into overdrive this afternoon by tweeting: “More exciting news coming. Stay tuned”

Now Hazza, that’s just plain mean!

Why not tell us now, we want to know!

Anyway seeing as Harry was not very forthcoming with details, we thought we’d come up with a few ideas as to what the exciting news could be.

1. More Dates Added To The ‘Where We Are’ World Tour

We were all left bitterly disappointed earlier in the year when the boys had a mahoosive announcement to tell us. It turned out that it was a world tour, but the UK, Ireland and Latin America dates, leading to a trend of #onebigdisappointment. We were told at the time that more dates would be announced soon.

It’s been a few months now so we think that’s soon enough for them to announce some more, if not the rest of the dates. We want to see which other Directioners will have the chance to see our boys on their biggest tour to date.

2. New Single

‘Best Song Ever’ was released on 22nd July, we’re now nearly two months later surely it’s time for another single? The boys’ next album ‘Midnight Memories’ is going to be released on the 25th November.

Most artists will release a single prior to an album launch and given that most singles have roughly a month of promo before it, it would make sense that the boys would announce their next single around now.

3. Zayn and Perrie Secretly Got Married

Zayn and Perrie of course got engaged the weekend before the ‘This Is Us’ premiere and last week we announced that their wedding was rumoured to be costing £1.2m.

In anyone’s books that’s a lot of money, so maybe they decided to scrap the big wedding and get married in secret at a small chapel.

We highly doubt this is the case though!

What do you think the big announcement is? Any of the above or have you got your own ideas as to what it could be?