The Australian police are after One Direction!

After three awesome nights of the “Take Me Home” tour in Adelaide, 1D flew to Perth, where they will perform for two nights.

After landing in Perth, the band was swarmed by fans and were quickly bundled into cars by their security team.

As they drove away from the airport, they noticed they were being followed and their journey suddenly escalated into a high speed chase!

The whole thing sounds like it’s been taken from the “Kiss You” video!

During the “high speed chase”, several road rules were broken and they ran three red traffic lights!

Western Australia Assistant Commissioner (That’s a very long job title) Nick Anticich is NOT happy.

He ranted: “It’s unacceptable behaviour. It breaches the law and we will deal with every person in the same way.

“By virtue of the fact that they are rock stars is not a license to break any laws or be any different from anyone else.

“One Direction they may be, but the only direction in relation to this type offending will be to the courts.”

So, like in the “Kiss You” video, are One Direction going to end up in prison?! Probably not.