It seems only yesterday that our boys were on the X Factor.

But now, another boyband has appeared on the show who judges think could be the next big thing.

Kingsland Road (formerly Kingsland, they had to change their name due to legal reasons.)have got to Gary’s house and are expected to get through and go far in the live shows.

But they insist they are absolutely nothing like the biggest stars to come out of X Factor.

Jay from Kingsland Road said: “We feel like we’re doing something a bit different. Like we try and do a few moves – not like NSync dancing but we try and slip in a few moves to try and be a bit different.”

Thompson added: “As well as that, the sound of our music is completely different – just from our vocals. I don’t sound like Harry Styles, Matt doesn’t sound like Zayn Malik, we’ve got completely different voices to them.”

“We do different things as well. We rap, we beat box, so we do different things, we play guitar,” said Connor.

Josh ended with: “Yeah, I’d say we’re a little less ‘pretty pop’, more like dirty, cheeky pop.”

What do you think? Will Kingsland Road give our boys a challenge?