Woah there!

If you’ve ever needed an incentive to pre-order 1D’s brand new album ‘Midnight Memories’ then this is it.

The official 1D Facebook page has just announced that all people who pre-order the album from iTunes will get hold of 4 tracks BEFORE it’s officially released!


Ok, it’s simple. If you pre-order Midnight Memories, then on October 28th you will automatically get 1D’s next single ‘Story of My Life’ for free.

Then on November 18th you will get another track on the album.
Then on November 20th you get ANOTHER track.
Guess what happens next? Yep, on November 22nd you will get a FOURTH track on the album.
So you’ll get to hear these 4 tracks BEFORE the album is released. AWESOME!
What makes it even better is that if you’ve already bought ‘Story of my Life’ from iTunes then 99p will be deducted off the price of the album. All the clever maths is done by iTunes so you don’t have to worry.