One Direction might as well be crowned Kings of the Pranks.

They’re always up to tricks either on stage or on the tour bus.

But it seems although Captain Sensible Liam likes to pull a prank or two, he doesn’t actually want anything to happen.

Liam explained :“One of my most annoying habits is jokingly trying to trip people up. I nearly got Harry a treat once.

“I don’t know what I’d do if anyone did actually fall over. I’d feel terrible. On the bus there’s always a lot of tricks and playing around, like food fights and putting ice down each other’s backs. But I like to save most of it for the stage!”

Liam, feeling terrible about a prank surely defeats the obvious of a prank, it’s meant to be funny, unless they get seriously hurt, then maybe not.

Anyway, while Liam is feeling sorry for people he pulls pranks on, Louis doesn’t seem to mind, and has revealed he is the expert prankster of the group.

LouLou said: “We always get up to mischief when we’re away from home. We’re good at finding ways to amuse ourselves. One time, when we were in France, Liam and I were so bored, we snuck out of the dressing room. Our tour manager, Paul, thought we were safe and sound in the room but we found a fire exit.

“Then we took a photo of ourselves standing in front of a big group of fans – and texted it to him. He panics enough about us as it is, without us doing anything, so we were in stitches, but for some reason he didn’t find it funny at all.”

We’d hate to be Paul! Don’t think we could cope with that much mischief, they’d probably end up shaving our heads in our sleep!

What do you think of Louis and Liam’s pranks? Who deserves the crown as king of the pranksters?