In case you haven’t already seen the wonderful photos, yes, it is true: Harry dressed as a scantily-clad Miley Cyrus this Halloween.

And WE CAN’T STOP laughing (pun intended)!

His hair was tied in two buns at the top of his head, imitating Miley’s … er … interesting VMA performance up-do.

He wore incredibly tight, skin-colored spandex shorts, and you know it’s a big deal when Harry’s pants are considered even tighter than usual, as his everyday blue jeans might actually be a pair of leggings!

Also note, he was not wearing a shirt.

He finished the outfit with a large foam finger, complete with painted on fingernails. Miley herself would be proud.

Lou Teasdale, hairstylist for the band, posted the blurry picture (Yes it is incredibly blurry!) of Harry posing with the foam finger, making the One Direction fandom go crazy.

Although he wasn’t mentioned by name, his wide array of tattoos are pretty unmistakable.

Harry wasn’t the only celebrity to dress like Miley, Paris Hilton and blogger Perez Hilton both donned similar Miley-esque costumes this Halloween.

Of course, Harry, along with the rest of One Direction, was actually present at the VMAs where the real Miley Cyrus’s controversial performance was recorded.

Since then, she has received backlash for her “scandalous” clothing and dancing, sparking outrage, parodies, and…Halloween costumes, apparently.

What do you think of Harry’s choice of costume?