The boys have spent most of the year on tour and over that time they have had a load of random things thrown at them on stage.

Some artists get roses thrown at them.

Others get underwear or items of clothing thrown at them.

But not One Direction.

It seems Directioners have found novel ways of showing the band they love them including iPhones, toilet seats, tampons and donuts.


During chat with interview magazine, the boys were asked what was the craziest things a fan had ever sent them.

Zayn replied: “We get quite a lot of random things thrown on stage—I mean, they throw iPhones.”

Clearly reliving a traumatic experience on stage Louis added: “Yes. They really hurt.”

Harry explained the weirdest birthday gift he had ever received from a fan: “Someone sent me a toilet seat for my birthday.They had written all over it, and that was my birthday present.”

While Niall wins the award for weirdest gift from a fan (That they’re admitting to anyway!)

Niall said: “I’ve had a tampon sent to my house before. And a box of donuts one time. They must’ve known I was hungry.”

What do you think of those presents from Directioners? Have you sent the boys anything weird before?