The boys have a busy schedule for the month of November.

Since the end of their ‘Take Me Home’ tour, there have been numerous pictures of the lads with their families and friends. They’ve obviously been enjoying their time off and making the most of it.

But if you’ve missed our boys, the month of November will definitely be good to you.

Here’s a basic breakdown for the rest of the month.

On November 18th, another single from their album ‘Midnight Memories’ is released.

Then another on November 20th.

And another on November 22nd.

If that wasn’t enough to have you screaming in excitement (we had to take a break because we got so overwhelmed), you also have their live stream to look forward to. That’s right. 1DDay is on November 23rd.

Seven hours of just Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn! Eeek! We’re going to faint!

Following the live stream, the boys have the American Music Awards on November 24th. They’re nominated for two awards and are performing!

And if you couldn’t get any more excited for the month of November, their full album ‘Midnight Memories’ gets released on the 25th.

We’re not quite done yet. So gather yourselves and get ready. Because the month isn’t over just yet.

On the 26th of November 2013, our boys will be making their Good Morning America debut!

USA! 1D will be making their @GMA performance debut on 11/26 AND will have a very special announcement for all U.S. fans! #1DonGMA 1DHQ x

— One Direction (@onedirection) November 12, 2013

We can’t tell if we’re more excited about the boys going on GMA or the announcement for the US fans. There’s no telling what the boys have in store for us!

The countdown is on for the November craziness! We just don’t know if we can take all of this excitement!