Oh no, Nialler has been attacked!

Yesterday was NOT a good day for the 1D boys!


After weeks of Zayn, Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis being able to chill out and do what they want, they’ve now been thrown back into the chaos of One Direction world.

The boys flew out to America yesterday, ahead of the release of Midnight Memories, as well as Saturday’s 1D Day.

But, the trip wasn’t without it’s trouble, and as usual the lads were mobbed by fans and paparazzi when they touched down at LAX airport.

Explaining that he actually got ATTACKED by a member of the paparazzi, Niall Horan took to Twitter to say: “I hate the paps!! Just got dragged to the floor by some idiot with a camera ! could have seen the fans aswell, but they messed it all up!”

As a fan expressed concern for Niall, he replied: “yeh it’s cool! It’s just those dudes are animals !”

Zayn was definitely not too impressed by the swarm of paparazzi getting all up close and personal with them, so he did what any good man would do…



Yeah! You go Zayn! Tell them paparazzi where to GO!

We hope that they’ve got the message by now, the paps really just need to leave the boys alone!!

source: http://www.onedirection.net