As you all probably know, Niall suffers from claustrophobia and doesn’t like being in small spaces.

So, when you don’t like small spaces one of the worst things that you can do is go in a lift (Or Elevator for those not from the UK), and then for that lift to get stuck.

Which is exactly what happened to poor Niall.

He tweeted: “Needed a few minutes to myself ! 8 of us got stuck in a tiny lift ! Well I was freakin out! My heart is still thumping now!”

Once he has managed to calm himself down a bit, he tweeted again saying: “That wasn’t fun! Claustrophobia is a terrible thing! and people tellin ya t calm down is worse hahha.”

Aww poor Niall! I don’t like lifts either so I can completely understand!

All this came after he seemed to be having such a good time in Italy.

Earlier on in the day he said: “Ciao Italia ! How are you guys? It’s been too long.”

Along with: “Layin here in bed! Thank you for everything guys! I’m havin a great time!”

Do you feel sorry for Niall?