It might be getting incredibly close to Christmas, and many of you may have already finished school.


But those hardworking One Direction boys more than anyone deserve a break after their mega tour this year.

They will soon finish for Christmas and have a well deserved rest with friends and family.

The boys of course performed ‘Midnight Memories’ on the USA version of the X Factor last night, but it was actually pre-recorded a few weeks ago, we are led to believe.

After they had performed, the boys were asked what their plans were for Christmas.

And in typical Niall style, his plans revolved around food, and lots of it.

Niall said: “I think we’re all just going to go home be with our families for a little bit, eat lots of food and get really fat.”

That sounds like a very good idea to us Niall! Although we don’t think your trainer would be too impressed if you ended up like the picture at the top.

The boys will of course have a few months before they start on their world stadium tour next year, so that’s plenty of time to get rid of the Christmas fat!

What do you think of Niall’s Christmas plans? What are your plans?