Get ready for another wonderful video from the boys!

Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam were spotted Saturday on the River Thames on a police boat for their newest music video. While the pictures we’ve had access to from the music video don’t give away what the video’s all about, we’re still massively excited to see that they’re releasing a new video!


There’s been no word about what single from their third album ‘Midnight Memories’ they’re releasing. We’ve seen an amazing one for both ‘Story of My Life’ and ‘Best Song Ever’, so our hopes are high that Ben Winston and the lads have come up with something great for whatever song they’ve decided upon.


We’re thinking that they’re either going to follow the track listing and release a video for ‘Diana’, or decide to create the music video for the massive track ‘Midnight Memories’, which is more than likely true seeing as they performed the song on both the UK and US finals of X Factor.


Also, you might notice that these photos are all in the dark, set at night…… “midnight”


But, to be completely honest, we’re more excited that they’re releasing a new video. The specific song in question doesn’t affect us entirely.

We’d like to hear what you guys think. Have you guys heard anything else surrounding the boys’ newest music video? What song are you hoping they’ve decided to turn into one of their magnificent music videos?

Let us know in the comments below!