OK, so Zayn and Perrie’s wedding is going to be AH-MAZAYN, obviously.

But what would make it even better? If a certain American rock band were to reunite for the big day, apparently.


Seeing as Zayn is in the biggest boyband in the world, he probably has the power to get pretty much anyone to perform at their wedding, but Perrie doesn’t just want anyone.

Zayn is eager to fulfill his fiancee’s wishes and get ‘Don’t Stop Believin‘ hitmakers ‘Journey’ to pick up their instruments and reunite for a one-off performance at their wedding.

A source told The Sun: “Zayn is hopeful Journey will be there in some guise. Neal (the guitarist) has made it clear through his channels he is up for it. He has his touring band who can play.


“But he knows Steve (the singer) was the voice of that hit record (Don’t Stop Believin’), and no one on earth really sounds like him.

“If Steve and Neal were to reunite, it would be a massive affair and payday. It’s a feat but Zayn’s reach across the music industry is huge.”

Well, that’s definitely quite a bizarre request from Perrie, we’d rather have One Direction & Little Mix team up for some epic performance at our wedding but hey ho.

We’re sure Zayn will manage to pull it off though, he is Zayn Malik after all.

If you had the choice between a 1D/Little Mix supergroup and a bunch of 70′s rockers, which would you go for?

Source: OneDirection.net.