It looks like Niall is finally having his knee problems sorted out.

After dislocating his knee when he was younger, Niall has regularly been left in pain.

Because of this, he’s often been seen having to wear knee supports. However, it looks like this may soon be in the past.


Hopefully it won’t be a problem anymore, because he’s going to need to be feeling fit for the “Where We Are” tour.

The Sun reports that Niall will fly to the US for the surgery while the band is on a break. A source is quoted as saying: “Niall has battled this problem since he was a child. His knee dislocates and it is very uncomfortable.”

They continued: “He’s had physio sessions for years but the pain persists so surgery is the best solution to have him fully fit and ready for the demands of a long tour.”

Having surgery might not be the best start to the new year, but at least Niall is going to be feeling good again!

We hope it goes well!