Have you got One Direction’s 2014 calendar yet?

Well, if you have, go and have a close look at Harry’s eyes… They were added in to the pictures after the photoshoot!

While posing for the calendar pictures, poor Harry was suffering through a nasty bit of hay fever! Because of this, he struggled to keep his eyes open properly.

Obviously, if you buy a One Direction calendar, you want to see the boys looking their best. With Harry squinting and probably looking a bit ill, he definitely wouldn’t have looked his best.

So what could be done? Well, the calendar producers decided they’d have to make him look a bit better…

Talking to Event magazine, Harry revealed: “A few months ago we were doing calendar pictures, and my hay fever was so bad I couldn’t open my eyes, but I had to do them.

He added: “They Photoshopped my eyes in.”

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Here’s a close up of Harry on the front of the calendar… Notice anything different about his eyes? We can’t!


Source: OneDirection.net